Brexit fury as UK citizens tied to Brussels study scheme – ‘NOT free of EU interference!’

Brexit means the Netherlands has 'lost an ally' says expert

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Many incensed by the move warned it was evidence that the UK is “still not free of EU interference” a year on from Brexit and over two months after the transition period came to a close. Ireland’s further and higher education minister Simon Harris said third-level students north of the border reacted positively to plans to afford them access to the EU’s Erasmus programme.

He said early indications suggested students in the six counties were keen to join their counterparts in the Republic in taking up the offer.

But despite Mr Harris’ upbeat tone, Boris Johnson has been urged to “get this sorted out”. readers slapped down Mr Harris’ announcement, saying the plan would go against the promises millions of Britons were given when they voted to break ties with the EU in 2016.

In comments, one reader wrote: “And here we are all believing we were free of EU interference because of Brexit?

“Well, evidently not.

“The Northern Ireland drama could have been avoided if Boris had any sense.

“Allowing the EU to split the Union was stupidity of the highest order.”

Another said: “Boris get this sorted out.”

And yet a third accused the Conservative Government of “making a complete hash of leaving “the club”.

Another, seemingly sarcastically commentator, suggested the plan “is totally and absolutely not a tactic from the EU to drive a further wedge between NI and the rest of the UK or part of a long-term plan to drag NI out of the UK and create a united Ireland.”

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But others said they were unfazed by the development.

One person wrote: “No worries as long as there is no cost to and support from the British Government.

“The EU can offer freebies to anybody they like in the whole world.”

Apparent Remainers also jumped on the news as a means to bash Brexit.

One person said: “Brexit was, is, and will always be a complete disaster.

“There is absolutely nothing that delivers any sort of positive outcome from the lies that were proposed.”

A second said: “There may be a lot of very angry people when they realise that Northern Ireland students have such an advantage over mainland students.

“Well done Northern Ireland. Don’t let Brexit loyalists of the Johnson regime remove this right as well. Keep as many EU benefits as you can.”

The UK Government has introduced its own study abroad scheme, the Turing scheme, named after the mathematician Alan Turing, to replace Erasmus.

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