Boris Johnson ‘still the best person’ for job as readers rally behind PM

Boris Johnson leaves Number 10 as Sue Gray report published

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Conservative MPs could trigger a vote of confidence against Boris Johnson following the publication of Sue Gray’s report on pandemic rule-breaking and the ‘Partygate’ scandal. Mr Johnson is also facing pressure to resign after images were released by ITV News earlier this week showing the Prime Minister at a leaving event at Downing Street.

Betfair Exchange places the odds of Mr Johnson leaving as Prime Minister by the end of the year at 11/5.

In a poll that ran from 10am on Sunday, May 22, to 9am on Wednesday, May 25 – before the publication of Ms Gray’s report – asked: “Who do you think would make the best Prime Minister now?”

A total of 6,091 people cast their vote with the result being in favour of Mr Johnson staying in office.

Overall, 50 percent (3,030 people) answered “Boris Johnson” as the best Prime Minister now.

The next most popular candidate to be Prime Minister was “Jacob Rees-Mogg”, gaining eight percent (474 people) of the vote.

This was followed by Defence Secretary “Ben Wallace” with six percent (349 people) and “Steve Baker” with five percent (322 people).

A combined 16 percent (986 people) chose ​​“Dominic Raab”, “Jeremy Hunt”, “Nadhim Zahawi”, “Penny Mordaunt”, “Priti Patel”, “Rishi Sunak”, “Sajid Javid” and “Tom Tugendhat”.

Meanwhile, 15 percent opted for “another” as the best Prime Minister.

Hundreds of comments were left below the accompanying article as readers shared their thoughts on who would make the best Prime Minister now.

There was plenty of support for Mr Johnson keeping his position with one reader, username Sterling77a commenting: “Boris, without any shadow of doubt.”

Username ​​JannaR said: “Why think of any other leader when Boris has shown he is the people’s choice.”

Username Freddy.boy said: “That’s easy. BORIS of course. Every day!”

And username Pino72u wrote: “Boris. 100 percent.”

Many others agreed that Mr Johnson was the best person for the job at the moment.

Username Sue Rice said: “Boris is still the best person for PM, just let him get on with his job and forget the pathetic side issues.”

Another, username Waysie said: “Hope it’s Boris – he is working his socks off on all fronts at present in spite of all pressures.and has the strength we need as a nation.”

And username Make.brok1 said: “Every belief in Boris getting our country back into the fore in the next year. 100 percent behind him.”

Some questioned the other potential candidates with username Blast writing: “There’s no alternative, so Boris.”

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And username MaybeWhats wrote: “I mean, who can better Boris…”

Plenty of readers were in support of Nigel Farage taking over and others, like username “.” commented that they wanted “a true Tory Brexiteer!”

Username Ross80 said: “I would have Nigel Farage tomorrow with Rees-Mogg as chancellor.”

Username Uggy said: “Jacob Rees-Mogg for an articulate and intelligent approach with the very, very best of English manners. Followed by Sir John Redwood and Lord David Frost.”

While username skain said: “Nobody can replace Boris right now, but when the time comes – Penny Mordaunt.”

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