Boris Johnson dismantles Lib Dem MP’s Brexit warning on UK beef in brilliant slap down

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The anti-Brexit MP for Orkney and Shetland urged the Prime Minister to look at a loophole in British legislation that allows non-British beef to be labelled from the UK provided the product is packaged in the country. Mr Carmichael warned: “Labelling legislation in this country allow beef from anywhere in the world to be labelled as British beef as long as it is packaged in this country.

“If the Prime Minister is serious about maintaining food standards, especially in light of any future trade arrangements, will he do something to close that loophole?”

But the Remainer MP’s argument immediately backfired when Boris Johnson claimed the legislation must have been implemented to comply with EU laws.

He said: “If what the Rt Honourable Gentlemen says is indeed the case – and I’m sure that he knows exactly of what he speaks – I can only say that it must be one of those things that is currently governed by the laws of the EU.

“To which he is bound to return and independent Scotland, should that catastrophe ever arise.

“And we on this side of the House intend to take advantage of the freedom that we have won.

“The freedoms that the British people have decided to take back to make sure that Scottish beef farmers do have the protection that they need.”

In a slapdown of the acting co-leader of the Liberal Democrats Sir Ed Davey, Boris Johnson also said that people are “heartily sick” of going on about Brexit when asked if he would consider an extension.

Sir Ed Davey said: “In Britain’s hour of need, will the Prime Minister put the practical imperative of saving jobs before his Brexit ideology?

“Rather than risking a bad deal or a no deal due to the deadline set before coronavirus, why doesn’t the Prime Minister show some good old-fashioned British common sense, give our economy the chance to breathe and accept the EU’s offer of a delay?”

Mr Johnson responded: “I think the people of this country are heartily sick of going on about Brexit and they want to get it done.

“We got it done and we are moving forward.

“The other point is when we come to the end of the transition period, we will be able to do things differently.

“We will be able to respond to our economic needs in a creative and constructive way.”

The clashes came as the Prime Minister said on Wednesday that a trade deal between the UK and Australia would bring the countries “closer together than ever before”.

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The Prime Minister’s comments came after International Trade Secretary Liz Truss published the UK’s negotiating objectives with Australia and New Zealand on Wednesday.

The Government hopes trade agreements with the two Commonwealth countries will aid the coronavirus recovery by opening up new markets for businesses and creating jobs.

Mr Johnson, in a video posted on Twitter “inaugurating” the post-Brexit talks with Australia, said: “There is a huge amount we can do, whether it is on financial services or across all the sectors of our free trade agreement.

“We share a language, we share a head of state, we are united by so much already.

“Let’s get this free trade agreement done, Australia and the UK coming closer together than ever before.”

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