BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg warns of potential squeeze to fund Johnson’s ‘sustainable’ recovery

Boris Johnson: Kuenssberg warns of recovery 'squeeze'

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BBC’S Laura Kuenssberg reflected on the Government’s goals for an economic recovery. While speaking on Newscast with Adam Fleming, she said the Government would have to squeeze somewhere to find the money for this recovery. Ms Kuenssberg insisted this would come in the form of taxes but this method could prove to be tricky for the Government.

Ms Kuenssberg said: “Boris Johnson as Prime Minister likes to spend money.

“He doesn’t want the Conservatives to be associated with austerity anymore.

“This is given the levels of spending during the economy and of course we don’t know how quickly the economy will recover.

“Saying you want to get things on a sustainable footing, that is going to mean a very big potential squeeze or raising taxes somewhere.

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“We already know that some taxes are already going to raise but that is tricky stuff and that has not been that noted today.

Mr Flemming added that Government had given itself leeway on how quickly and effectively they allow the economy to recover.

He said: “Quoting directly from the Queen she said ‘My Government will ensure that the public finances are returned to a sustainable path wants the economic recovery is returned.’

“There are two massive areas of wiggle room there, aren’t there.

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“What is a sustainable path because that is quite a subjective phrase.

“And also when the economic recovery is secure, that is quite a subjective time.”

Ms Kuenssberg also noted the Government benefits from giving itself wiggle room in these speeches.

She highlighted a key statement from Boris Johnson that allowed this wiggle room regarding the Covid enquiry.

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Ms Kuenssberg said: “It is a very subjective timeframe as is what the Prime Minister said in the Queen’s speech debate.

“He said we will start the Covid public enquiry this session.

“That technically means within the year, we sort of think that is what he meant.

“As ever with these things, wiggle room is useful for politicians.”

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