BBC’s Katya Alder exposes no deal panic inside EU – ‘Reality could be about to bite’

Brexit: Katya Adler outlines EU concerns on job 'impact'

There is panic erupting among leaders in Brussels at the latest EU summit about the looming prospect of a no deal Brexit, according to the BBC’s Europe Editor Katya Adler. Ms Adler told the BBC that “reality could be about to bite in Brussels” concerning the economic consequences of a no deal scenario. This comes after European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen told the bloc’s 27 leaders that a no deal exit was the likeliest option.

There are fears that a no deal Brexit could see the EU lose up to £30billion in exports per year. 

Ms Adler explained: “There is clearly a sense of pessimism about the possibility of reaching a deal in the mood among UK and EU leaders.

“The Swedish PM used the word ‘gloomy’ when he came into the summit.

“No deal – two very small words that will have a massive impact. There is a feeling here in Brussels that reality could be about to bite.

“In the EU alone it is thought that about 700,000 jobs could be at risk in the event of a no deal.”

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In a short briefing in EU leaders in Brussels, Ms von der Leyen said there was a “higher probability for no deal than deal”.

Boris Johnson himself said that there is a “strong possibility” of no deal.

He informed his cabinet on Thursday that the Government needed to ready itself for a no deal exit given the terms on offer from Brussels.

The Prime Minister complained that the EU wanted to keep the UK “locked” into its legal system, or face punishments such as taxes on imports, which had “made things much more difficult”.

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Mr Johnson met Ms von der Leyen on Wednesday, but the pair failed to make a breakthrough.

Both leaders agreed on a Sunday deadline for any potential deal to be struck.

Ireland’s prime minister Micheál Martin, whose country would be the EU member-state most impacted by a no deal, raised fears about the damage that would be reaped if the negotiators could not agree a deal.


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When asked if he shared Mr Johnson’s view there was the “strong possibility” of a no deal, Mr Martin said: “That’s the prevailing mood right now.”

Time is running out to reach an agreement before the UK stops following EU trade rules on 31 December.

Weeks of intensive talks between officials have failed to overcome obstacles in key areas, including competition rules and fishing rights.

Earlier today, European Union leaders rejected a proposal from Boris Johnson for a Brexit call with the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, and the French president, Emmanuel Macron.

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