‘A strike over ONE person!’ RMT blasted over plan to halt London tube over Jubilee Weekend

RMT Union leader grilled on Jubilee weekend strikes

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An RMT trade union organiser has clashed with radio host Camilla Tominey during an on-air grilling over plans for industrial action over the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee weekend. Ms Tominey challenged the RMT leader over the union’s motivation for the strike action which would bring the London Underground’s Victoria, the Jubilee and the Piccadilly lines to a grinding halt.  

Ms Tominey confronted the RMT Union organiser, asking: “You want to bring the Victoria, the Jubilee and the Piccadilly line to a halt over the Platinum Jubilee weekend because of a dispute with one manager!?”

“We take workplace bullying very seriously, and so should London on the ground and the Mayor of London,” said Mr Leach

“We haven’t had another strike like this anything like this over an individual for decades.”

“Well, there’s probably a good reason for that John,” replied the LBC host.

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“Because it is over the top!”

It comes as unions reacted with anger to an interview in a Sunday newspaper by the Transport Secretary just days before a ballot result set to bring the threat of a national rail strike closer.

More than 40,000 members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport union (RMT) at Network Rail and train operators have been voting on whether to launch a campaign of industrial action over jobs, pay and conditions.

RMT general secretary has announced that he expected support for strikes when the ballot result is announced later this week.

Tube strikes are ‘putting two fingers up to Queen’ says Tory MP

“We are asking for job security and a guarantee of no compulsory redundancies, and we will not accept imposition of detrimental pay and conditions.”

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps told The Sunday Telegraph that ministers are looking at drawing up laws which would make industrial action illegal unless a certain number of staff are working.

Referring to a pledge in the Conservative manifesto for minimum services during strikes, he said: “We had a pledge in there about minimum service levels.

“If they really got to that point, then minimum service levels would be a way to work towards protecting those freight routes and those sorts of things.”

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In response, Mr Lynch said: “Any attempt by Grant Shapps to make effective strike action illegal on the railways will be met with the fiercest resistance from RMT and the wider trade union movement.

“The Government need to focus all their efforts on finding a just settlement to this rail dispute, not attack the democratic rights of working people.

“Britain already has the worst trade union rights in Western Europe.

“We have not fought tooth and nail for railway workers since our forebears set up the Amalgamated Society of Railway Servants in 1872, in order to meekly accept a future where our members are prevented from legally withdrawing their labour.”

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