2021 Budget date revealed: Finance Minister Grant Robertson unveils the big date to MPs

Finance Minister Grant Robertson has revealed to MPs that this year’s Budget will be on Thursday, May 20.

He revealed the date at his appearance at the finance and expenditure committee this morning, while he was talking about the Budget Policy Statement.

Little is known about what will be in the Budget. Ministers usually make announcements closer to the date.

What is known is that the Government has set aside a significant amount of money for its housing supply announcement.

Robertson was pressed on this issue during the select committee hearing, but gave little away.

But he did say that he expected yesterday’s housing package would help to cool the market.

In a statement, released just after the Budget date announcement, Robertson said his focus continued to be on making sure Crown spending was “targeted in the areas and people that need it the most”.

“We will manage the books carefully including ensuring we are getting value for money in all areas of Government spending and reprioritising spending where appropriate.

“We will also continue the balanced approach to invest in strong public services and addressing issues like housing, while keeping a lid on debt,” Robertson said.

Another key focus for the Government, Robertson said, was keeping New Zealand safe from Covid-19, climate change, housing affordability and child poverty.

As is now the law, the Government is required to report on child poverty levels at every Budget.

Today’s announcement comes three months after Robertson released the Budget Policy Statement, which set out the Government’s overall objectives of the Budget.

Those were:

• Just transition to a low-carbon economy.
• Future of work: Lifting productivity and innovation.
• Lifting Māori and Pacific incomes and opportunities.
• Reducing child poverty and improving child wellbeing.
• Improved mental and physical health outcomes.

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