Coronavirus: B.C. supermarkets ask customers to wear masks

Some of B.C.’s supermarket chains are asking customers to wear masks while shopping, as the parts of the economy slowly begin to reopen amid the novel coronavirus pandemic.

T&T Supermarket will require all customers to do so starting May 11.

“We have implemented social distances in all branches, providing customers with temperature service and disinfecting hand sanitizer, and installing protective rubber plates at the checkout counter,” the chain said in a statement.

“According to the Canadian Public Health Department, proper use of masks can reduce the spread of personal droplets.”

The country’s chief public health officer, Dr. Theresa Tam, has said non-medical masks will help protect others but not the wearer.

Whole Foods Market is introducing the same measures over the next few weeks.

B.C.’s provincial health officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, has said non-medical masks are fine to wear, but “not an alternative to the things we know work” to stop the spread of COVID-19, such as physical distancing and washing hands.

COVID-19 is most commonly transmitted when an infected person spreads virus-laden droplets by coughing or sneezing.

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