Planning helps retired schoolteacher ease pain of downsizing

Cheryl Walters, 77, believes in the power of planning. Four years ago, the retired schoolteacher attended a downsizing seminar led by The Steller Group, a Colorado-based full-service real estate team. While Walters wasn’t ready to leave her home yet, she knew she’d eventually need to do so: her 94-year-old husband Cliff has several health issues, and […]

Congress sends landmark gun violence compromise to Biden – The Denver Post

By ALAN FRAM WASHINGTON (AP) — The House sent President Joe Biden the most wide-ranging gun violence bill Congress has passed in decades on Friday, a measured compromise that at once illustrates progress on the long-intractable issue and the deep-seated partisan divide that persists. The Democratic-led chamber approved the election-year legislation on a mostly party-line […]

Ukrainian bloke spotted in home next to unexploded Russian Ork missile

A Ukrainian bloke has been spotted going about his day-to-day business while manoeuvring around a Russian missile lodged in the wall of his apartment. The man can be seen shaving his beard and having an even closer shave with the Russian Ork warhead planted right next to him in his open plan kitchen. Footage uploaded […]

Family living with 30,000-strong ‘bee tornado’ trying to remove them

A mum has spoken of her and her daughter's horror after their home was plagued by thousands of bees. Kayley Harding, 30, has told of the terrifying three colonies that have invaded her home, with their council-owned flat "completely taken over" by the winged insects. Thousands of bees were spotted converging on the floor of […]