Opinion | How Democrats Should Sell Themselves to Avoid Electoral Disaster

More from our inbox: To the Editor: Re “Can Democrats Find a Winning Message?” (column, Sunday Review, Oct. 10): Ezra Klein’s discussion of David Shor’s predictions about impending disaster for the Democratic Party in upcoming Senate elections was both fascinating and frustratingly incomplete. For one, he did not discuss the specific seats in play and […]

Opinion | What Biden Is Still Getting Wrong on Immigration

Migrant workers in America are in limbo. It’s time to change things. Produced by ‘The Argument’ Our immigration system is broken. So is the way we talk about it. Most conversations about immigration come down to a yes-or-no debate. Two sides talking over each other with very little constructive and achievable propositions. That might be […]

Royal Mail adds heft in Canadian freight with Rosenau purchase

(Reuters) – Royal Mail’s GLS parcel service is to buy Rosenau Transport for C$360 million ($287 million), as the British postal company strengthens its freight carrier services in Canada.FILE PHOTO: The logo of Royal Mail is seen outside the Mount Pleasant Sorting Office as a delivery vehicle arrives, in London, Britain, June 25, 2020. REUTERS/John […]

Opinion | Up in Arms Over a Pronoun

Feedback on my newsletter about the embrace of “they” as a gender-neutral pronoun referring to a single person — Joel is wearing their green shirt today because it matches their pants — has been, well, pointed. It seems that quite a few people have a major problem with this change in pronominal usage. I understand […]

Opinion | Just What Is Happening With Facebook?

To the Editor: Re “Facebook Apps Crash, Leaving Billions Cut Off” (front page, Oct. 5): Count me among those who didn’t notice much wrong on Monday. I do have a Facebook account, but the outage must have fallen during one of the 8,760 hours I do not spend on the platform every year (that is, […]

Opinion | Should You Care about Unvaccinated N.B.A. Players?

Last week, Kyrie Irving, the star guard for the Brooklyn Nets, missed the team’s media day at the Barclays Center. There was much speculation that Irving actually could not legally enter the building because of New York City’s proof-of-vaccination requirements, which, in turn, could preclude him from playing any games in cities with similar mandates. […]

Your Monday Briefing

Good morning. We’re covering tensions between China and Taiwan, the upcoming retirement of President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines and the grim fate of captured Yazidis. China tests Taiwanese airspace For two straight days, China sent a record number of planes in its direction, Taiwan said, a display of strength that added muscle to Beijing’s […]

Opinion | What We Get Wrong About Online Sex Work

Produced by ‘The Argument’ This episode contains strong language. The online content-hosting platform OnlyFans declared in August that it would ban all “sexually explicit content” from its website. After immense backlash from users, the company reversed that decision just six days later. OnlyFans isn’t the only site to come under fire for providing a platform […]

Your Tuesday Briefing

We’re covering Germany’s election and a plan for the return of normalcy in Sydney. Olaf Scholz is poised to be Germany’s next leader The center-left Social Democratic Party won Germany’s election, defeating Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union by 1.6 percentage points, with 25.7 percent of the vote. Olaf Scholz did the unthinkable, carrying his […]