Opinion | Are the Olympics Too Broken to Fix?

This article is part of the Debatable newsletter. You can sign up here to receive it on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The Tokyo Olympics have been called “cursed.” Even before their brightest star and their local favorite faltered, it wasn’t hard to see why: Most Japanese people didn’t want to host the Games during a pandemic, […]

Opinion | The Great Debate of 2021: WFH or RTO?

Produced by ‘The Argument’ You might be someone who has spent a majority of the past year working from home. A survey from October 2020 found 71 percent of American workers turned their apartments into office spaces. But starting this fall, companies are opening up their offices again. The C.E.O. of Morgan Stanley made it […]

Opinion | Why I’m Sure Trump Will Run for President in 2024

To write three books in four years about Donald Trump has been an immersion into his obsessions and fixations. This is why I know the obvious: Donald Trump will run for president again. This spring, in another of his compulsive bids for attention — indifferent to whether it is good or bad — he hosted […]

Your Friday Briefing

Good morning. We’re covering the Olympics, the W.H.O.’s call to further investigate the pandemic’s origins and more flooding destruction in China. The Olympics open amid fear and controversy In 1964, the last time Japan hosted the Games, the country was riding high on postwar optimism and economic development. This year, the Games are essentially closed […]

Opinion | How to Actually Close the Gender Pay Gap

More from our inbox: To the Editor: “Salary Transparency Fails to Fix the Gender Pay Gap” (Business, July 4) contains numerous examples and anecdotes about the benefits of taking actions to close the gender pay gap. We agree that transparency is an important component to building inclusive cultures — but it goes beyond knowing what […]

Your Wednesday Briefing

We’re covering episodes of violence in Hong Kong, and a bittersweet reopening of the Taj Mahal. Violence divides Hong Kong Last week, on the anniversary of Hong Kong’s handover to China, a man stabbed a police officer on a busy commercial street, then killed himself. Then, on Tuesday, the police said they had arrested nine […]

Opinion | China Won’t Bury Us, Either

By Bret Stephens Opinion Columnist Garry Kasparov has a pithy way of summing up the past 18 months of tribulation. “China gave us the virus,” the chess and human-rights champion told me over a recent breakfast. “And the free world gave us the vaccines.” Source: Read Full Article