First Insight Expansion Forges Future of Experience Management

Technology firm First Insight said it has expanded its “Voice of the Customer” solution to an enhanced Next-Gen Experience Management platform – to even further impact the bottom line.

Retailers and brands have used its Voice of the Customer (Voc) predictive analytics platform for over a decade to glean data, insights, and help power profitable business decisions. Its launch of its Next-Gen Xm Experience Management Platform enriches its solution portfolio by delivering an enhanced experience for users all across the spectrum, ultimately streamlining operations to enable smoother operations; improve employee and customer satisfaction; and allow companies to go from product or solution concept to decision in 24-72 hours — a few major pluses in a saturated “now, please” market.

The brand said that its improved platform expands its offerings into new industry sectors, including consumer products, travel, leisure and entertainment, automotive and financial services.

Greg Petro, chief executive officer of First Insight Inc. JOSHUA SCOTT

And, it leverages fancy and impressive advanced analytics, such as human computational modeling, Bayesian mathematical modeling, predictive analytics and machine learning, which collectively allow companies to “quickly anticipate outcomes, increase gross margins and revenues, save months in time-to-market and realize ROI quickly and measurably in a simple to use platform that can be integrated into any existing data system,” the company said.

Greg Petro, chief executive officer at First Insight, said “We pioneered and led applying predictive analytics to first-party, voice-of-the-customer data in Retail, and our growth has enabled us to invest in innovation.”

“By launching the Next-Gen Experience Management platform, we are enabling companies across industries to harness the power of voice-of-consumer data to transform decision-making from reactive to proactive, anticipating how changes to product, brand, or customer and employee engagement will impact the bottom line.”

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