Dave & Buster’s making furloughs permanent at Colorado locations

Add Dave & Buster’s Entertainment locations in Denver and Westminster to the list of places to hang out that won’t be opening any time soon.

The Dallas-based company informed the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment that it would permanently layoff 136 workers at its Denver location and 98 at its Westminster location effective Nov. 11. The affected workers have been on a temporary furlough since the middle of March when those locations, which consist of an arcade and restaurant, closed.

“We did not foresee how significantly and for how long a time the pandemic and related government lockdown orders would impact our business. We also did not foresee that lockdown orders, initially issued for short durations in only a few cities, would spread throughout the country and be repeatedly extended,” Kathryn Rainey, senior director of human resources told the state in a letter under the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act.

Dave & Buster’s faces varying regulations. Its locations are open again in Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho and Florida, with the exception of a store in Miami, according to its website. They are closed in Colorado, New Mexico, Washington, Oregon and across California with one exception. They are closed in New York, Massachusetts and Michigan, but open in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Illinois.

Another company, Menzies Aviation, informed the state Thursday that it would close its station at Denver International Airport and dismiss 232 aviation workers as of Nov. 9. The London-based company provides ground handling and other airport services to United Airlines.

“This action is permanent until said time when Menzies Aviation can submit a new bid for contract to United
Airlines at Denver International Airport,” Jeremy Catbagan, the company’s human resources manager, told the state in a WARN letter.

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