Colorado town sends residents $20 gift cards of “Superior Cash” to help support local businesses

To help local small businesses that are struggling during the pandemic, the Town of Superior is sending out $20 gift cards to every household in town to be spent at local establishments.

“The reality is our small businesses have been severely affected by the COVID shutdown,” Neal Shah, one of the town’s trustees, told Denver7.

So the town decided to mail out two $10 gift certificates to every household in Superior, called Superior Cash, to be used at those struggling small businesses.

Businesses taking part include restaurants, coffee shops, nail salons, and even CrossFit gyms. Once spent, businesses can redeem those gift certificates with the town for reimbursement in cash, paid out from the CARES Act funds the town received in the spring.

For a full list of businesses taking part, or to learn more about the program, head to the Superior Cash website.

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