Opinion | Who Wins in a Meme Stock World?

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Running a social media platform is an endeavor loaded with land mines. (We’re looking at you, Facebook and Twitter.) So is running a retail trading app, as Robinhood found out when it suspended trading of GameStop at the start of this year. Now imagine doing both.

Cue Jannick Malling, a co-C.E.O. of Public: part brokerage, part social media platform and the latest retail trading unicorn. The app hit 1 million users in February — a milestone that mirrors a larger boom in retail trading.

Kara presses Malling on the responsibility that apps like Public and Robinhood have to safeguard their users from a frothy market. They also discuss what lessons were learned from the GameStop surge and what regulatory scrutiny may be around the corner for retail investing apps — and what the heck is up with Dogecoin.

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