Georgia woman, 20, dies protecting her twin sister from tornado

A Georgia woman sacrificed her life for her sister after a tornado ripped through their home on Sunday night.

The twin 20-year-olds were home alone after their mom, Tracy Zambrano, left for work. Zambrano wasn’t aware that there were tornado warnings for their area of Murray County that night, ABC 13 reports.

When the storm hit, the twins took cover. Deanna reportedly threw herself over top of her sister, Breanna, to protect her, according to NBC.

When first responders arrived, they reportedly had to pull Breanna from her arms to get her in an ambulance and to a hospital as quickly as possible.

“When they found her, they had to pry Breanna from her arms to try and get her in the ambulance,” Zambrano told News Channel 9.

Sadly, Deanna didn’t make it, but her efforts weren’t in vain.

Her sister, Breanna, is currently at Erlanger Hospital after suffering eight broken ribs, a broken pelvis, a collapsed lung and head trauma.

Because of COVID-19 restrictions, Zambrano isn’t able to visit her surviving daughter.

“I just have to stay strong for Breanna because I want her to be able to come home,” she said.

Six others at the Zambrano’s mobile home park, ABC 13 reports, were killed during the storm.

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