Australian dog gives birth to record-breaking 21 puppies

One Australian dog is a lucky new mom to 21 — yes, 21 — puppies, proving anything is “paw-sible.”

Shadow, a Neopolitan mastiff, gave birth to a litter of a whopping 21 puppies on April 20, breaking the current Australian record of 19.

Typically, the average litter for this breed is six to 10 puppies.

The furry bundles of joy were delivered via emergency C-section at Underwood Hospital.

Brisbane-based Animal Emergency Service shared an adorable video of the newborn puppies mingling together in cardboard boxes, just hours after being born.

When Shadow arrived at the veterinarian clinic, she’d already given birth to three puppies at home, the Animal Emergency Service blog reads. When one puppy died, and four hours went by with no activity, the owner brought her in.

The largest dog litter ever, according to Guinness World Records, was a total of 24 puppies born to a Neopolitan mastiff named Tia in 2004.

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